Conditions of Mail Auction

  • - Bids: this is a Mail Auction only. All phone bids must be confirmed by Fax, letter, or Email. Be carefull with post delays, Fax is more safe. In case of postal strike, closing date must be delayed.
    Sale is made in € currency only. (Euros).
    We accept bids untill closing date, after this date, we will consider bids as orders for unbidded lots.
    (Mail auction is closed: Wednesday, June 12, 2024 – local time 23:00)
    - No bids under opening bid. - You can make alternative bids, or give a maximum limit for your total purshase (minimun 100€). please specify your preferential order. - Bids as "buy" or "best limit" are limited to 10 times opening bid. - We reserve the right to refuse any bidder without references or any person who has failed to pay a late invoice. - Please check bids & positions before sending.

  • - Sale: lots are sold to the highest bidder at preceding bid + 5%. If you are the only bidder, you pay starting price + 5%.
    - In case of 2 equal bids, "First ordered/First served" basis.
    - We send complete invoice with all bids & results, lots you have bought have a star (*) mark.
    - No V.A.T or commission added on final price.

  • - Photocopying: available at 0,50 € each for lots with less than 10 stamps. Please consult our website: for more pictured lots.
  • - Unsold lots: available at opening price on a "First ordered/First served" basis.

  • - Payment: payment must be made at reception of invoice
    - We can make special arrangements or delay for expensives lots (You must contact us before the Sale).
    - All lots stay property of owners untill full payment.
    - We accept Visa & Master Card.
    - We accept cash, Western Union, international money order (To Julien Kalkstein) or wire transfert in €
    - Wire transfert in € are charged 15 €, for banking expenses, (in other currencies + 15 € extra).

    - No payment by PayPal, Moneybookers & no Foreign Checks.

    - Bank transfer: see the invoice

  • - Expeditions: lots can be picked up 4 days after closing date. They can be sent, at buyer's risks. (6 € for postage). Voluminous lots & collections are send at real postal cost.
    We send lots after reception of full payment only.

  • - Warranty: all lots are genuine. Any lots different from description can be sent back by registered letter for full refund, maximum 90 days after auction date.

    - Very important - Return conditions -

    - Lots must be returned in original condition. No refund for lots returning in altered condition as:
    - Washing cleaning, chemical treatment, apposition of marks of any nature (ink, pencil, expert signature), all advices of third party expertize must be written on a separate letter.
    - No return for lots in photos or website for reason of color, off center, teeth, (you can see them before adjudication).
    - No return for collections or lots with more than 10 pieces for any reason. Those lots are strictly sold "as is" Indications for collections as "catalog price/number, quantity or quality" are just help for the buyer without obligation. Before sale you can ask for extension. All expenses of extension as expertise,postage go/back stay at bidder's charge. No return 90 days after the auction date.
    - All catalog's prices are given as indication only.

  • - Conflicts: tribunal of Paris is the only official authority. English translation of our "Sale conditions" is just courtesy for foreign customers. The french text only give official rules of the sale.

Exhibition of the lots as soon as the catalog is received until Wednesday, June 12, 2024.