Conditions of sale

  • - Orders: All phone orders must be confirmed by Fax or letter.
    Be carefull with post delays, Fax is more secure.
    - We reserve the right to refuse any buyer without reference or any person who has failed to pay invoice in a preceding sale.
  • - Photocopying: available at 0,50 € each for lots with less than 10 stamps. Please consult our website: for more pictured lots.
  • - Unsold lots: available at opening price on a "First ordered/First served" basis.

  • - Payment: payment must be made at reception of invoice
    - We can make special arrangements or delay for expensives lots (You must contact us before the Sale).
    - All lots stay property of owners untill full payment.
    - We accept Visa & Master Card.
    - We accept cash, Western Union, international money order (To Julien Kalkstein) or wire transfert in €
    - Wire transfert in € are charged 15 €, for banking expenses, (in other currencies + 15 € extra).

    - No payment by PayPal, Moneybookers & no Foreign Checks.

    - Bank transfer: see the invoice

  • - Expeditions: lots can be picked up 4 days after closing date. They can be sent, at buyer's risks. (6 € for postage). Voluminous lots & collections are send at real postal cost.
    We send lots after reception of full payment only.

  • - Warranty: all lots are genuine. Any lots different from description can be sent back by registered letter for full refund, maximum 90 days after auction date.

    - Very important - Return conditions -

    - Lots must be returned in original condition. No refund for lots returning in altered condition as:
    - Washing cleaning, chemical treatment, apposition of marks of any nature (ink, pencil, expert signature), all advices of third party expertize must be written on a separate letter.
    - No return for lots in photos or website for reason of color, off center, teeth, (you can see them before adjudication).
    - No return for collections or lots with more than 10 pieces for any reason. Those lots are strictly sold "as is" Indications for collections as "catalog price/number, quantity or quality" are just help for the buyer without obligation. Before sale you can ask for extension. All expenses of extension as expertise,postage go/back stay at bidder's charge. No return 90 days after the auction date.
    - All catalog's prices are given as indication only.

  • - Conflicts: tribunal of Paris is the only official authority. English translation of our "Sale conditions" is just courtesy for foreign customers. The french text only give official rules of the sale.